Medical Device Service

MTC has been making considerable advances in the repair of medical equipment by leveraging our base of highly skilled electronics repair engineers and technicians. Coupled with our strong foundation in reverse engineering electronic and mechanical failures, our model of factory-based repair & service versus in-house repairs has proven to be more cost effective for our partners, with quantifiably better results on turn-around-times, repair quality and customer satisfaction.  

We are based in Bowmanville, ON with a US subsidiary in Fort Wayne, IN.  We are ISO certified for 13485, 9001 & 14001 and have a combined total of 150,000 square feet, with 160+ employees.  We have strong repair capabilities in patient monitors, ventilators, ECGs, ultrasound probes, medical monitors (ex. PACs displays, ultrasound monitors, surgical displays, etc), power supplies and many other electronic related repairs.

ISO 13485:2016 Re-Certification Announcement

Once again, MTC is proud to announce that we have successfully completed our ISO 13485:2016 audit and have been re-issued our certificate of registration.

MTC’s quality management system scope is applicable to the repair of electronic medical devices.

This internationally recognised standard surrounding medical equipment is something that few in the medical repair marketplace can claim to adhere to.

MTC continues to be a leader in the field of medical repairs and states with confidence that we will continue to strive to maintain that leadership.

Medical Devices Servicing

Ultrasound Probes

Patient Monitors & Modules

Medical Monitors (PACS, O.R., touch screens, ultrasound, etc)

Ultrasound Power Supplies (mammography, PACS, etc)


Oxygen Concentrators

CPAP Devices

Gamma Counters

Cardiac Event Monitors

Printed Circuit Boards (SMT, BGA, component replacement)


BGA Rework Station

BGA Optical Checking Station

Electronic Test X-ray Machine

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