Over the past several years, MTC’s commitment to innovation and our focus on the market’s needs has allowed us to expand our services support portfolio and the associated product category coverage to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

MTC has established a flexible core platform of facilities in Canada and the USA to specifically address the needs of the industry. Within these facilities MTC is able to offer the following diversified services portfolio:

Direct Logistics

Fulfillment Services

Disposition Management

Kitting / De-Kitting

Parts Distribution


Call Centre

Blister Packaging Services

Reverse Logistics

Quality Control

Parts Reclamation

Software Upgrades

Warranty Adjudications

OEM Authorized 3PSP

Refurbishment Services

Defect Analysis & Reporting

Recall Management Services

Returns Centre Management

Component Level Board Repair

Retrofit – Modification Specialists

Advance Exchange / Validation Exchange Services

Cosmetic Surface Refinishing / Painting

Asset Recovery

Inventory Liquidation

(Refurbished / Distressed / Excess)

End of Life Recycling / Salvage


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As our industries evolve and the needs of the customer expand, MTC’s broad scope of experience allows us to proactively establish the necessary infrastructure to support our client base. 

Product returns, OEM Approved Technical Support, environmental legislation and the overall volumes of inbound product are becoming increasingly complex for most organizations to address in today’s business world.

MTC prides itself on its ability to manage a customer’s entire reverse stream of product regardless of its channel or ultimate disposition. This integrated approach to managing product through it’s various “Life Cycles” has allowed us to mimic a seamless extension of the client’s own infrastructure within our operation.

The deployment of Lean Manufacturing principles are coupled with continuous flow processes to create a platform to provide very efficient and cost effective services. At the same time, we offer controlled but highly flexible and adaptable processes enabling us to customize programs for unique customer requirements while delivering and maximizing return recoveries.

Comprehensive audit processes ensure compliance to the applicable program policies and procedures and the quality of the product produced. Customized software applications provide built in validations and enable the framework for a robust report portfolio delivering the necessary detail to support our customer’s timely management decisions.

Throughout the process, MTC ensures recoveries are maximized even when a unit is beyond economical repair. Parts cannibalization and redeployment are an inherent part of the functions we are able to provide our customers. MTC offers a best in class recycling salvage operation that exceeds national standards.

Many major manufacturers and retailers have realized and leveraged the advantages MTC has provided to their respective companies. Let MTC demonstrate the significant savings and quality enhancements available to your organization today.