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The Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce recognizes local businesses that excel in all areas of business and display leadership within the business community. This is presented through the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce’s Business Excellence Awards.  This year, owner and CEO, Howard Humphrey was nominated and won for the 24th Business Excellence Award for MTC Manufacturing & Technology Centre and MTC Factory Outlet.  This award recognizes businesses who have exceptional business achievements relating to a variety of areas including; customer service, new markets, products, etc.  Susan Murray, SR VP of Operations and Mark Shepherd, VP were on-hand at the event to accept the award on behalf of MTC and Howard Humphrey.

Howard Humphrey believes our continued success, diversity and innovation is driven by the entire MTC team.  Mr. Humphrey and the entire MTC team strongly believes that as a business in the Durham Region area we should be continually giving back to our community to help those who are less fortunate as evidenced by Mr. Humphrey’s many contributions to charities across Durham Region.


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On September 22, 2019 MTC participated in the Corporate Relay Run for Durham Children’s Aid Foundation’s Superhero Walk.  This year, our MTC relay team came in 3rd place!  With over 100 runners who participated in the Superhero Team Relay race, over $20,000 was raised for the Durham Children’s Aid Foundation which supports over 3,000 children in Durham.  

Congratulations team!

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‘It’s like having a police officer on the school bus at all times’

Ottawa motorists who blow past stopped school buses could now find themselves caught on camera — and facing some serious penalties.

The city is joining a number of jurisdictions by installing cameras on six school buses in an attempt to stamp out the dangerous driving behaviour, officials announced at City Hall Thursday.

“The result is going to be awesome. It’s like having a police officer on the school bus at all times,” said Sgt. Mark Gatien. “You can’t beat technology. We need to embrace it and use it to the best of our ability, and this is what we’re doing today.”

A box mounted midway along the driver side of the buses holds three cameras and sensors, allowing the system to detect a passing vehicle from any direction.

A fourth camera installed near the rear of the bus faces forward. All of the cameras have infrared lights to ensure a licence plate can be read regardless of weather conditions.

Once the system records a suspected infraction, the images are automatically transferred through a secure cell network to an Ottawa police officer who then reviews the footage and can issue a ticket to the offending driver.

Problem routes

It costs $20,000 to fit the camera system on each bus, so the program is costing the city $120,000, according to Rob Wilkinson of Safer Roads Ottawa, who coordinated the program’s implementation.

Gatien said two of the six camera-equipped buses will join the Francophone school transportation authority next week, while the other four will join the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority fleet in September.

Hopefully the problem will
become less of a problem.

– Ottawa police Sgt. Mark Gatien

“Those buses will rotate around the problem routes, and hopefully the problem routes will become less of a problem,” Gatien said.

Ultimately, deployment will be left up to the bus operators based on feedback from drivers, Wilkinson said.

“It’s really up to them as the people in the boots on ground to identify for themselves where they want to see the technology go.”

Vehicle owner fined, not driver

The system was tested extensively during a pilot project in 2015 and 2016, according to Wilkinson.

“We heard loud and clear from members of the community and bus operators that this was an incredible challenge happening on our roads,” he said.

In September and October 2016, Wilkinson said one specially equipped bus led to police issuing 70 tickets for illegal passes.

Gatien said the fine in Ontario for blowing past a school bus with its stop sign extended and signals flashing is $490, but is issued only against the registered owner of the vehicle, since police must clearly identify who was driving at the time.

‘We’re hoping that the media we’re getting and word of mouth will keep the number of charges down, but in reality I think we’ll get a lot of charges off the get-go,” Gatien said.

Brooklyn the Pilot

At just four years old, Grandview kid Brooklyn has an advanced understanding of what it means to persevere in the face of adversity, something few children her age have to think about.

Brooklyn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just over a year old here at Grandview Children’s Centre.  Small but strong at heart, she has been attending therapy and working towards attainable goals ever since.

“She was just over a year old and she wasn’t really making those milestones. The crawling wasn’t there like you would normally see and she didn’t have the strength to pull herself up. My boys, when they were that age, were able to get around and move and you just didn’t see the same milestones,” recalls her mother, Julianne Hattie. “We went into Grandview and they assessed her. That’s when we were told she has cerebral palsy.”

Julianne says she remembers this news being incredibly shocking.

“We just thought she was behind. She was premature, born seven weeks early, so we did know that she would be behind but we weren’t expecting that she had cerebral palsy… we just thought she just wasn’t meeting her milestones and needed some help,” says Julianne.

Julianne says that thankfully, Grandview was ready to help them through this process, answering any questions they might have and explaining the various services that were available to help families like theirs.

“Grandview immediately took her on and she had regular appointments with therapy. They assessed her for different things; for hearing, for eyesight and everything possible,” says Julianne.

Brooklyn has attended Grandview for Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy since her diagnosis.

“They’ve really done everything for her. Like everything possible, they’ve been on it,” says Julianne.

Last year was Brooklyn’s first year as a student at Campbell Children’s School, Grandview’s co-located educational partner. This fall, Brooklyn will be starting year two at the school.

“When she started school she wasn’t able to sit properly. She always leans over and couldn’t sit criss-cross applesauce. She had SDR surgery in the United States in St. Louis. When we came back I think that helped a lot with the therapy she was given and she is now able to sit up properly and sit criss-cross applesauce. She was quite excited about that,” says Julianne.  “She’s able to stand on her own for a few seconds, she’s able to take quite a few steps now on her own which is great and she gets around. She’s able to maneuver and get up and down and pull herself up on things and we’re really working on the stretching of her muscles which is helping quite a bit.”

Before her surgery and intensive therapy at Grandview, Brooklyn would experience quite a bit of pain through the night. Now, that pain is gone. According to Julianne, the doctor predicted that with extensive therapy, Brooklyn would be able to walk unaided.

Julianne says the Grandview has been a key part in Brooklyn’s growth. She says one of the biggest pieces Grandview has had to offer their family is knowledge.

“When you have an appointment with them, it’s not just doing things for her, it’s explaining it to me so I understand it so I’m knowing what she’s going through and how she’s feeling. None of us have dealt with it before so it’s helpful to know what’s going on with our daughter and what we can do to help improve like different stretches and different activities we can do,” says Julianne. “They’re very good at explaining things and helping you to know what to do as well so we can work with her at home.”

Through it all, Grandview has offered practical and attainable goals every step of the way, constantly finding innovative and creative ways for Brooklyn to reach those goals.

“At the beginning of the (last) school year, one of the biggest things was having Brooklyn be able to stand for a bit on her own. They’re attainable goals and she seems to be meeting those goals,” says Julianne. “They’re very good at making it more fun. Therapy is not always so fun for the little one, so they try and make a game of things so that they’ll get through the activities and not realize they’re actually at therapy. They figure out what each kid likes and they will do the therapy around different activities to keep them engaged.”

With Brooklyn smashing every attainable therapy-oriented goal that has been thrown her way, it’s no wonder she has begun to think about the future and reach towards her ultimate career goal of being a pilot.

Recently, with the help of Stephanie and Howard Humphry of MTC Factory Outlet, Brooklyn was able to see what it would be like to be a pilot for the Grandview Kids commercial.

Grandview reached out to Stephanie and Howard Humphry to ask if they would like to help make Brooklyn’s dream come true. They jumped at the chance to put a smile on her face, offering their own private plan for flight.

It turned out to be an emotional day for everyone involved. Seeing Brooklyn’s smile and excitement moved everyone to tears.

“It was a really amazing day from the start to the finish. Howard and Stephanie had really thought everything through for her,” says Julianne. “She got to look at the different planes, sit in them, learned all about them and she got to go up in the plane which was really cool. She even got to try the simulator, where actual pilots go in and practice.”


“Every time you do a good deed you shine the light a little farther into the dark. And the thing is, when you’re gone that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back.” 



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For several years, the philanthropic business owners of MTC Factory Outlet have not only been great friends to the Lakeridge Health Foundation (LHF), but the entire community. Howard and Stephanie Humphrey are true advocates for those who need help and have made a lasting impact on local health care. Last month, they were joined by LH staff, family and friends and for an afternoon celebration which saw the Pod C Transition unit located in the Whitby hospital renamed to the Howard and Stephanie Humphrey Dialysis Centre. Thanks to the generous support of Howard and Stephanie, the dialysis program at LH can continue to provide top-notch treatment for the residents of Durham Region.

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The City of Pickering Fire Services Department serves all citizens in Pickering, running approximately 4500 calls per year across varying terrain from highly populated city structures to the remote countryside.
Firefighters were reliant on air cards attached to their mobile data terminals (MDTs) mounted in docking stations in the vehicles. Without external antennas, the MDTs routinely lost connectivity, preventing firefighters from getting critical information in the field. Jason Yoshida is a Deputy Fire Chief with Pickering Fire Department, and one of his responsibilities is the maintenance, upgrading and safety of all fleet apparatus.
Being part of Durham Region, the team at Pickering Fire has frequent interaction with the Durham Region Police Services (DRPS). On one visit, they noticed a new command vehicle being outfitted, and asked about how communications were being enabled. The DRPS team explained that they were using Sierra Wireless cellular gateways in their fleet of over 400 vehicles to support all their communications needs. The gateways support the use of an external antenna, which eliminates many of the coverage issues, and enable all the various devices in the vehicle to share the bandwidth of a single cellular connection.

Sierra Wireless AirLink® Solution

Based on what they saw at DRPS and input from other Sierra Wireless customers, the department decided to order test Sierra Wireless gateways and do a pilot project with 2 frontline vehicles. Pickering Fire and their IT department worked closely with a local reseller and installation company – Manufacturing & Technology Center, in Whitby, Ontario – to monitor the test units and build the system that best suited Pickering’s needs.
Once the units were installed in the fire trucks, they had instant success, and proceeded to outfit their entire fleet.
MTC is a proud sponsor of the Oshawa Generals organization and their fan base. MTC is actively involved in supporting the community through the Adopt a School program (donated tickets) and the ever-popular MTC Fan of the Game promotions conducted at every General home game at the Tribute Communities Centre in Oshawa, Ontario.

For more information about the Oshawa Generals, including game schedules and league standings, head over to their main site or check them out on Facebook!

Oshawa Generals
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MTC has pledged $75,000 to kidney care in Whitby and has presented the hospital with their second installment of $25,000 during a holiday gathering on December 21, 2016. The donation will support Lakeridge Health’s dialysis program, on that has recently expanded to include a new transition unit at the Whitby site.

For more information regarding Lakeridge Health’s kidney care program, please check out their services page!

Lakeridge Health Dialysis Program

Lakeridge Health Dialysis Program