MTC has long been committed to providing customers with fast and efficient repairs on their electronic products. As the only Sony authorized PlayStation repair centre in Canada, we take pride in the large catalog of products we can repair. However, we haven’t stopped there. In addition to PlayStation units, MTC is able to service a wide variety of audio and video devices ranging from Canon cameras to desktop and laptop computers, to even mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices.

We understand that electronics are an ever growing part of our daily lives, whether it’s a camera to capture our memories or a mobile device used to stay in touch with friends and family. That’s why MTC readily provides efficient turn-around times, keeping our customers appraised of any issues or delays with their units. We maintain a commitment to ISO standards, undergoing regular audits to ensure compliance as we continually improve the quality of services that we offer all customers.

As part of our commitment to service, we work to comply with relevant environmental legislation while working closely with the community to promote re-use and recycle of electronic devices while improving environmental practices at our facility to increase landfill diversion rates.

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