The experience gained from serving as a warranty repairs center for various electronic and appliance OEMs, has provided MTC with a distinct advantage in diagnosing & troubleshooting electrical and/or mechanical failures. This extensive knowledge has been applied to servicing the medical device industry, resulting in much lower repair rates vs. traditional options, without sacrificing the required high-levels of repair reliability.

We have had significant progress in this field and are capable of repairing and maintaining a wide range of complicated pieces of medical equipment.

Ultrasound transducers

Ultrasound transducer cable repairs

Ultrasound power supplies

Ultrasound monitors

PACS displays that failed OCC inspections

Gamma counters

Ultrasound machine repairs where bio medical technicians were unable to repair it

Mammography power supplies

Various touch screen and procedure room monitors

Cardiac event monitors

Conventional PCs, laptops, mobile devices like tablets and cell phones

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