MTC originated as the primary pillar of a major manufacturer's internal service infrastructure. In April 2000, MTC was outsourced and established as a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation due to a restructuring exercise at the aforementioned manufacturer. Throughout the tenure at the manufacturer, MTC was utilized for manufacturing, a National Returns Centre, centralized wireless cell phone repair, product refurbishment, Warranty exchange programs and a large scale Factory Service Centre. The diversified experience gained during this timeframe and associated knowledge of the industry allowed MTC (located in Whitby, Ontario, Canada) to establish a solid foundation to build its business model.

Once privatized, MTC experienced a substantial immediate increase in the breadth and depth of programs requested and provided for various manufacturers and retailers. This rapid growth necessitated quadrupling the size of the facility in Whitby and also acquiring and expanded operations in Coquitlam, British Columbia (Canada) within the first 3 years of operation. Fort Wayne, Indiana (USA) has since been established to better serve the needs of our US based customers.

Most recently, the Coquitlam, British Columbia facility was closed as a result of a third Whitby facility expansion & centralized repair options for manufacturers within the Whitby facility. The new Whitby facilty is approximately 3-times larger than the previous Whitby facility. The MTC Factory Outlet (previously known as the MTC Clearance Centre) was also established allowing MTC to liquidate refurbished & new brand name electronics and b-stock & unboxed Miele appliances.

MTC's management team has a tremendous knowledge of both the industries they serve and the nuances of the various customer channels they are engaged in. MTC has established a solid reputation on providing efficient high quality services while being flexible enough to accommodate the most stringent internal customer process requirements.

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