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Terms & Conditions:

  • What are Recovered Parts?
    • Recovered parts are fully functional parts/components that have been harvested from full units (TVs or major appliances) that would have otherwise been environmentally recycled.
    • The components/parts available for purchase on this site have been salvaged from units that were deemed "beyond economical to repair" (or "BER"). MTC has harvested (or recovered) all the working parts from these BER units and are now making them available to consumers & dealers at un-beatable prices!
    • MTC is a company providing TV components & appliance parts world-wide.

  • Warranty Info
    • MTC provides a warranty for seven (7) days from when the part is shipped from our facility. These parts have been tested and deemed functional when they are packed for shipping.

  • Return Info
    • Should you receive a defective part, MTC must be notified within this 7 day period (photos and explanations will be required).
    • Should the part be damaged during the shipping process (DOA), MTC must be notified of any such damage within 24 hours of you receiving the part (photos and explanations will be required).
    • At the time of notification of either instance, MTC will provide you with a valid RA (Return Authorization) number.
    • The defective/damaged part, clearly labelled with the RA number and description of defect/damage, must be returned (at the Buyers expense) to MTC's facility for verification.
    • Once verified, MTC will replace the part or provide a refund for the part cost only (shipping costs are non-refundable).
    • MTC will not accept returns based on an incorrect part being ordered by the Buyer and/or an incorrect diagnosis of a specific problem.
    • No part can be returned without a valid RA number. There are no exceptions.
    • Once the Buyer has received his/her RA number, the warranty return(s) should be directed to:

      Parts Warranty Claim
      c/o MTC Online Parts Sales
      220 Water St
      Whitby, ON
      L1N 0G9
      RA #: _________

  • Packaging Info
    • All items will be sealed and packed with bubble for safety & security reasons. If this bubble/tape has been altered in anyway, this will affect your warranty or return conditions.

  • Shipping Info
    • All shipping charges will be paid by the Buyer.
    • See the "Return Info" section (above) for details on shipping when dealing with returns or defective units.
All warranty related questions & concerns should be directed to MTC using the online form. Click here for this form.

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